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Under the events section you can find details of both our public and club events.   In the public events section you can find dates and times for our car boot sales and fete day.  The club member events page shows the details of any up and coming events such as our general meetings, training times and other events.

You can access these pages through the events menu or by clicking the links below:




Milford Cricket Club produces an Events-Letter which contains the times and dates of our public events, it’s a great way for us to let those who aren’t members of the club know about our events .  You can subscribe to our Events-Letter and receive details of these events to your inbox.

If you subscribe we promise not to overfill your inbox.  We will send you an email with a summary of our events and email you the week before an event.  Other than that we will only send emails to inform you of events affected by adverse weather.


You can subscribe to our events-letter by clicking on the link below and entering you email address.  You will briefly be taken to our subscription page hosted by MailChimp and then brought back our main webpage.

Subscribe to our Events-Letter