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The end is nigh!

Cold and damp end, but hot hog roast to come!
Blackheath today, last home game of the season. Dark and cold. Harry and Will were back in. Lots of rain this week, so pitch was damp. An early start (1230) didn’t throw anyone off. Nice stroll round the boundary with Will putting the flags out (he was very focussed today). It is a two-person job, he held them all, handed one to me and I put in on the line. Job creation schemes like this would be of use to the government.
Lots of excitement as we gathered (hog roast tonight – has Ally succeeded with the wine challenge – is this all that matters?).
We were put into bat. Once again, our talented team of batters make the order such fun. Skipper down to 11 from 2 last week, Will up to 2 from 9. You can only do this when everyone can / cannot bat (delete as applicable).
Great start, more than 50 for the first wicket. One of the drawbacks of a good start is the need for those watching to amuse themselves, which somehow led to Mike singing. Not that I like a collapse, but! Then Will got tired, Faf faffed and I was in. What a chance to stop Boris winning the batting award. More runs, 124 for 2 with 16 to go. Dreaming now, could we get 200, 220 even.
Boris (ruthless in the pursuit of glory) runs me out. No sympathy from anyone. That is three times this season – some people seem to think that I may be at fault.
A lull then a little surge takes us to 178, including a 6 from the skipper and a quick single (he knew he had the wine right), all whilst being unable to see out of one eye. I nearly forgot – so confident were we that we played out a maiden for the final over.
Tea – an excellent finish to the season.
We were confident. They were very keen. We are generous. They took advantage. With some fine bowling, we got the run rate down to 7 in the 7th over. By now, the sun was out and it was warmer! We did get one wicket and Jacob bowled a good spell, but defeat came in the 24th over.
SUPPORTERS: Gav plus 1, Mr and Mrs Maskell, Paul, JB, Mr Hog Roast, Tash plus 1. [Before you complain, I am only counting those who turned up when they game as being played]. Cheers.
Hard to believe we started back on 15 April. Congratulations to all who have kept going. Let us make sure we have fun next week.
It was Ally’s final game as skipper (he cleverly booked a holiday to avoid a trip to Dogmersfield). He has led us superbly this season, with energy, determination, commitment and, I am guessing, a huge degree of self-control! Thank you!
A few commendations:
Skipper of the year: Ally
Most worried moment for Skipper: Kingsley away when Callum was late
Longest time taken to never arrive at the game: Sarah
Least knowledge of the game: Sarah
Loudest supporter: Lou
Favourite away ground: Tilford
Coldest game: Kingsley away
Best use of face to stop the ball: Craig
Most times run out: Me
Biggest swipe at the ball without hitting it: Boris (only one winner here)
Most runs hit off an over: Ross
Most catches in a game: Joshua
Fastest fielder: Callum
Most likely to lap his batting partner: Callum
Chris Tavare award: Ben and Mike
Wine merchant of the year: Ally