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BBQ Heaven after Tilford Game

C’est le cricket de francais!

As the sun set over the Milford Savannah, the alpha males and their Cubs emerged to determine the King. Their chosen game – French cricket. How they danced, bantered, postured, all boosted by the BBQ of Grant. Burgers, sausages and chicken, with baps and cheese. The bat changed hands many times, with the Fergusons to the fore. A great appearance from the precocious 8 year old, who is destined to star for Kent. Then from the shadows, came the King. Quiet determined, it was the 8 year old’s sister who stole the show. This girl can! I would have won but was engaged in a deep conversation on the future of uk politics with the girl’s mother. Today was a Green goodbye. Their new life in Kent beckons and we wish them well. Indeed, there is talk of a tour, with accommodation at their house. Tidy. Who will replace Ben’s warm-up? Our fan base will definitely be quieter and smaller. I, for one, will never forget the 90 not out to win the Brook game – surely one of the finest Milford innings of all time.

It was hot. Typically on hot days, cricket teams bat first to wear down the opposition. We are so fit that this approach is pointless, so we win the toss and field. Factor 50 on and a fast outfield. Some iffy bowling and some good batting meant we were chasing 230. Few highlights: (1) ally’s catching and (2) Darren’s long barrier. Once again, Gordon and I lead the way in the field. There is an art to not getting too involved.
Tea: excellent as usual. Good cake and fruit. Ate too much.
The reply – ducky left one and was bowled. Darren popped one up, Ben nicked it behind, Ross worried tilford, but whilst the runs came, wickets fell too quickly. A combative flurry from Ally at the end took us to 160ish and defeat.
A Goodship wedding next week. Best wishes for the 24th!
Finally, thank you to our fans.
– Ferguson massive 4
– Payne massive 8
– Green 3
– Wood 2
– Goodship 1
– Bob, Penguin plus 2

Practice hard and Puttenham next

Another win!!!

On a roll now.

Kingsley at home. Looking forward to it, they were a good team to play. Sun shining, pitch looking good. All set.

We welcomed Joshua (son of Bat) and John Williams to the team, The 🐧 was captain, Skipper dog sitting!!

Fielding first, we were. A loose collection, we were too.

Woody and 🐴 to open. Wickets fell steadily, fielding was good. Bowling accurate. Joshua took a catch, Ross a one-hander over his head, Woody a regulation effort. Matt drops a sitter, Joshua to blame apparently😱

🐧 and Ross are the change bowlers, still no room for Boris (who will be the next leader of the Milford party). They were going at 2/3 an over, Randell still there nudging away. The extra 3 overs were taken. Target of 137. We should get this.

Supporters: Rachel + 4, The Fergussons (I think they qualify for a nickname now), all thoughts welcome, Shaggy, Jamie, Ally (+ 3 dogs – a new dogs at a cricket match record), Kevin, Sarah, Ann. Plus a lovely older gentleman who pops along, wine delivered to him before he had reached the pav. Thanks!

Tea: excellent.
All change as is the modern way. 🐧 and Boris to open (what had Matt and Ducky G done to be dropped down the order? Nothing is the answer, literally😀).

Boris went early. 🐧 feigned a pulled hamstring to retire and let Ducky G in. Steady start, then an acceleration (or sorts, more later) got us back to over 3 an over.

Favourites now, we were. 80 or so put on, then Ducky G fell for 30. Enter the young pretender, who following some sage words from me proceeded to smite the ball to all parts. I love batting with Ross and always offer some calming words (i.e. That is 6 off 2 balls, take your time with the rest of the over – you get the idea). He never thinks much of my advice.

Unsure Kingsley knew what to do, the openers were back on, Ross was on top. Then 4 needed, the fast opener back on (my words – pick the right one to hit), a little short but not much and into the body, feet set, eyes level, fast hands and 6. Ross ends up on his backside. Easy I guess and we had won.

Runs for Mat The Bat so no need to call an EGM to have his nickname changed.

Cue Mark Morrison (good call Woody)
Return of the Matt (oh my God)
You know that I’ll be back (here I am)
Return of the Matt (once again)
Return of the Matt (top of the world)
Return of the Matt (watch my flow)
You know that I’ll be back (here I go)

Another deserved victory by 8 wickets.
CHAMPAGNE MOMENT: the 6 to win for me.

Post match beers in the sunshine, with children playing, cheesy chips from the kebab van. Kingsley stayed around and commented that we were good to play against, which is really why we play.

Boot fair tomorrow with some new and returning team members. Enjoy!

Next Boot Fair- Sunday 11th June

Hi all

Our 3rd Boot Fair of the year is on Sunday 11th June. Weather looks good and we look forward to welcoming you to the ground.




Low scoring game goes Milford’s way!

Squeaky bottom time at the beautiful Peper Harow ground.

Second favourite away ground of the season (Tilford has a pub).

Would the fake news become reality.

We warmed up. Yes, not very well but we did and I think it helped.

Pointed out the opener to Dog House and The Penguin (both of whom missed the previous game).

They were confident, patently hadn’t read last week’s report.

Sun was out, many supporters, lost count a couple of times.

Shaggy, Bob, Kevin, Shaun + 1, the Green massive (7) Lou was in strong voice, Rachel + 4, the Eashing massive (7, I think), Ann. 25 a record. It would have been 26, but Sarah got lost, ended up in Elstead (clearly Matt the Bat’s fault) then didn’t think cycling on the A3 was a good idea and went home.

They batted (we would have put them). Skipper had a plan (cunning). Horse and The Penguin to open – theory was that the opener doesn’t like slow full tosses! Told to expect lots of bowling changes, am sure he said Boris may get a chance (unlikely). Field on the boundary.

He nearly went in the first 🐴 over, then several sumptuous drives later, he missed a straight one from 🐧 and he was gone. Cue much jubilation.

The wickets kept coming, 🐴 conjured magic, 🐧 relentless. Two good catches from Woody, including a two-handed one in the gully. Then CHAMPAGNE moment, a skier, 🐧 underneath (no chance think I and everyone else) he spills it and the chance is gone, but no Gav swoops and takes the rebound!

Catches as well for Boris and 🐧 (3 dropped, 2 caught).

They were about 50 for 5. Woody came on and bowled strongly, good lines and pace.

Gav chested a catch down, wrong game!

Dog House replaced 🐧 (is that possible?). Just remembered – I took a catch – low left handed at slip.

95 all out, the last wicket a big cut back in from Dog House. Reward for an excellent fielding effort, strong teamwork and a good plan.

A word for the skipper who kept wicket valiantly but will he be able to get out of bed in the morning, will damaged finger impact his golf.

Tea – good for me, lots of French bread and cake.

The reply – quick team talk to remind ourselves not to lose this by throwing the bat and that we had plenty of overs (how we chuckled at this one).

Quickly we were two down, Team Pro and Chairman dug in and dug in and dug and dug in and drove Nanny Ann to down a can of Magners.

They bowled well and we had about 35 for 2 off 28. Then the opener had used up his spell, so the pace was upped. A few fours, the odd single, we were getting close. Then Chairman went, Team Pro ran himself out, Matt Mc crashed a 4 then out, Woody out, 🐧 goes, Gav hitting and running like a 20 year old then gets out, score goes to 80 with 3 wickets left. Surely we can’t lost this. (Heroic effort – Boris umpired for 26 overs). 🐴 hits a four and looks very comfortable amongst the carnage. Crowd has gone quiet and not moving. 89 for 8, with Dog House and Horse at the wicket. I panic as Dog House just gets a bat on the straightest ball I have a seen all day, the bowler and I were just about to go up.

Then a full toss on leg and 🐴 cracks the winning runs! Lots of points and talk turns to staying up in this division – how we dream.
Home next week, may the sun shine and someone cancel BGT forever.

10% off team kit this weekend

Dear Team Serious,

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